Our History

The first recorded meeting of our community’s library was in September of 1954. The 50’s & 60’s were not good years for the Library as it was not well kept and very disorganized. The years to follow would see it blossom. The Municipal Library was first housed in the Elementary School for many years until its’ move in the early eighties to the corner of 50 Ave and 49 street (what is now the Two Hills Liquor Store) and then moved here to its present location in the spring of 1994.

There have been many contributors to helping shape and build our Library within our community. Through the years our Library has seen and had many Librarians, Library Managers, Patrons, Student helpers and of course Board Members. John Solodziuk was just one of those Board Members. He travelled even into the U.S for Conferences and seminars to learn and advocate for this Library. He was and still is an integral participant in helping to bring our facility up to par.

But now who was Alice Melnyk?

Alice was a teacher in the Two Hills Elementary School starting in 1969, a librarian from 1967 until her untimely death in 1976, a mentor for many and a strong advocate for the library, and even to this day, her name is synonymous with our Library.

As a Teacher-librarian, Mrs. Melnyk became interested in the Library and spent many after-school hours setting it up. She inspired many to recognize that libraries are an important entity in our communities and through her efforts, an official board was appointed by the Town and Alice became the Librarian of the Two Hills Municipal Library. She devoted much of her time to music, art and literature. Her Art work has been donated and is on display at the Historical Society’s Museum housed at Elk Island/Community Futures building along Hwy. 36. We also have a picture of Alice and her 1969 Mandolin Class in our quiet reading corner at the back. In the spring of 1976, the Library Board paid tribute to her devotion and effort by renaming it the Alice Melnyk Public Library. So at this time we want to thank all those who have helped us to shape, build and develop our library by making it into a place where people can meet, enjoy some quiet time, learn, play and grow.  Without a community’s support, a Library cannot thrive. The Library is an inexpensive and fun place to help entertain and learn for ourselves and of course for our children.

By Cheryl Paulichuk